The Skåne Food Festival — the best-tasting festival of the year!

Are you a chef or a culinary tourist? A foodie or a young family with an appetite for inspiration? Or are you simply curious about food and beverages from all over Skåne? The Skåne Food Festival is a unique event for anyone interested in food, a place to taste, eat, discover, experience, and learn more about Skåne’s food and beverages —all the way from farm to table.

At Skånes Matfestival you’ll have the chance to meet the companies, producers, and craftsmen who work with food, and to take part in workshops for new ideas and inspiration.


Tickets for the event are available at Tickster and at the entrance of the festival area.

Ticket price on Tickster:

Adults 120 SEK + servicefee
Kids up to 15 free.

Ticket price at the Festival:

Adults 150 SEK

Kids up to 15 free.


Saturday 11.00-18.00
Sunday 11.00-16.00


Citadellet, the citadel area, Landskrona


You are not permitted to bring your own food and beverage into the festival area. There’ll be no shortage of the finest Skåne delicacies to satisfy all possible tastes and appetites!
Swedish alcohol laws prohibit drinking and/or bringing your alcohol beverage outside the areas with permission to serve alcohol, there will be marked areas at the festival where drinking alcohol is allowed.


There will be an information tent at the festival, and volunteers who can help you and give you directions. If you have any questions or ideas at this stage, you’re very welcome to contact any member of the working group for the Skåne Food Festival.


The Skåne Food Festival brings together small and big food producers who want to promote craftsmanship and the industry together. We want to create a regional meeting place where commercial interests and private individuals who are interested in food can meet annually and carry Skåne’s gastronomy forwards.

Our vision is for the Skåne Food Festival to be the most innovative food festival in Scandinavia and attract both Swedish and international visitors to Skåne.

Foodies and food nerds; specialist producers, large and small; food tourists and families with children; food and restaurant businesses: take part with your company, your knowledge, and your produce, and you’ll have a unique chance to be at the one venue where the largest number of different groups meet.

With its innovation, interactivity, diversity, and outreach, the Skåne Food Festival is going to be the most exciting and appetizing festival of the year.

Whether you’re an artisan producer or an industry expert or anything in between, if you’d like to take part, contact:

The Skåne Food Festival is a unique venture, with a focus on innovation, interactivity, diversity, and outreach; a vital forum for business, and a fantastic festival for anyone interested in food.

Arrangers: Matfestivalen i Skåne ekonomisk förening